Goodbye July - Visits to both Hampton Courts and much more

It's the end of July and hard to believe that we're moving fast towards autumn. But it's been a great month for visiting gardens, new people and new places, starting with Hampton Court flower show. Lots to see there and some really interesting concepts like the "Excuse me while I kiss the sky" garden (above).
How Caple Court, Herefordshire, which has a decaying Arts & Crafts garden
I saw several gardens for the first time this month and was lucky enough to spend a few days in Herefordshire, where I visited Hampton Court, Hergest Croft, How Caple Court, Westonbury Water Mill Gardens and Little Malvern Court in nearby Worcestershire. All well worth visiting!
Painswick is the only Rococo garden in Britain - open all year and well worth visiting
Then there were visits to Painswick Rococo - the only garden of its kind in Europe - and Restoration House in Kent. Other highlights this month included my visit to Driftwood - one of the most interesting small gardens I've ever encountered; the opening of Sussex Prairies' new Art in the Garden exhibition; and my glorious new sculpture in my garden by Robin Johnson of Driftline (below).
Art in the Garden at Sussex Prairies - well worth a visit if you're in the area
New acquaintances included internationally renowned garden designer John Brookes; fellow Sussex garden blogger, Roz of Sussex Gardens; and garden designer, Caro Garland, who has her own blog. 
Denmans - the glorious garden created by internationally-acclaimed garden designer, John Brookes
I'd hoped to make it to Seattle to join fellow garden bloggers at the Garden Bloggers Fling, but sadly my husband's ill health put paid to that. The same applied to my planned visit to Highgrove, but in the event, I would have been miserable, since cameras aren't allowed! But perhaps I'll make it next year.
The amonite in my garden, created by Robin Johnson


  1. It's been a fantastic month of garden tours. So glad to be able to tag along.

  2. "I would have been miserable, since cameras aren't allowed!"

    lol - but I can relate to that. I feel the same about National Trust properties that don't allow pictures inside - I understand it but its frustrating.

    After the reviews on Garden Visit I'm interested to see How Caple Court!

    Westonbury is great fun I was there in May. I also like Gooderstone very near Oxburgh Hall in Norfolk I was there last May

  3. Hi Charlotte,

    So impressed with the number of gardens you visit and cover so beautifully in blogs. Interesting, I did not know that no cameras were allowed at Highgrove. I am keen to see that garden, eventhough earliest possible availability is October!!!!!!

  4. Hi Charlotte. I adore that sculpture. I sometimes think I ought to have a sculpture in my garden - but I know it would just get buried in the jungle or annoy me when I had to mow around it. Andy Goldsworthy loves stone ammonites too:

  5. Dear Charlotte, I am suffering from amonite envy! P. x

  6. Whata great blog - and so much useful information about gardens to visit should I ever be inclined to go south!
    I just love that amonite too! :)


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